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Short But Effective Guide – How To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Mosquitos bites are getting more and more concerning.  Diseases like Zeka Virus and West Nile can easily be fatal to some portions of the population.  That is one of the reasons you need to prevent mosquito bites, but how do you do it?  Mosquito Squad has some tips for you below.

Wear Mosquito Repellent

One of the best things to do is wear a mosquito repellent anywhere you may go that has a healthy mosquito population, even if that involves going home.  Repellant doesn’t last forever, and most brands can wash away, so make sure that you are refreshing your mosquito repellant regularly to get the most effective possible.

Consider going with a natural repellant.  A lot of regular repellents contain chemicals that can harm your body, especially with regular use.  Natural repellants that are properly crafted can be highly effective without causing harm to your body.

Wear The Proper Clothing

When it comes to stopping mosquitos and other pests, what you wear can make a difference.  You are looking for long sleeve shirts and pants.  Shorts and t-shirts do not provide optimal protection.  You want the clothing to be loose but provide the proper coverage.

Most sporting goods stores and outfitters sell clothing specifically designed for active wear during the summer.  These clothes are lightweight but are heavily durable and flexible.  Some companies will even apply special coats to their clothes to deter mosquitos and other little fliers.

Mosquito Netting

It may be something that you have only seen in movies about foreign lands but mosquito netting can be quite effective.  Masking your bed with this thin netting can help prevent mosquito bites at night.  The netting prevents bugs from getting to you at night.  If the netting is properly set up, it can prevent almost 100% of bug problems.

Stay Cool

Mosquitos and other bugs are most attracted to hotter bodies.  By staying cool during the summer you will be a less attractive target than many other people.  Avoid excess exercise, cool down in cool environments, and otherwise make efforts to exude less heat.