Why Permed Hair Is Getting Trendier

Years ago one of the most popular hair styles was the permed hair.  Whether you have perm short hair or long hair, it doesn’t matter.  Women loved to get their hair treated.  Now women are once again returning to the hair style of the perm.  That includes perms for fine hair.  Why are they coming back to this style?

Permed hair has come back into style because people quickly get bored with straight hair.  They see the hair the same every day and want to make a change.  Some shape to the hair can make it look completely different.  How were people going to add some style to their hair, perms?

How long does a perm last is a question that a lot of women ask?  Many women choose to get a perm in their hair because they last longer than many hairstyles.  A perm between 4 and 6 months.  That means you can have the wavy hair of your choosing for quite a while.  It should be noted that a perm will only last that long if you care for it properly.

People also choose to get a perm because it is flexible.  You can decide whether you want a wavy hair style or a curly hair style.  A stylist then treats your hair accordingly.  This factor alone makes the perm a popular style.  Every 4 to 6 months you can change the exact style of your hair so you don’t have to have plain straight hair.

Perm treatment options also offer a much healthier treat than they previously did.  With an older style treatment, a number of chemicals were applied to the hair and this could actually permanently damage the hair.  Now natural ingredients are used in combination with much smaller amounts of chemicals.  A healthy treatment for your hair is one that you can live with.

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If you want to spice up your hairstyle you should consider getting a perm.  Perms are relatively affordable and don’t take too long to have performed.  Talk to your stylist at your next visit to see about getting a perm.