Short But Effective Guide – How To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Mosquitos bites are getting more and more concerning.  Diseases like Zeka Virus and West Nile can easily be fatal to some portions of the population.  That is one of the reasons you need to prevent mosquito bites, but how do you do it?  Mosquito Squad has some tips for you below.

Wear Mosquito Repellant

One of the best things to do is wear a mosquito repellent anywhere you may go that has a healthy mosquito population, even if that involves going home.  Repellant doesn’t last forever, and most brands can wash away, so make sure that you are refreshing your mosquito repellant regularly to get the most effect possible.

Consider going with a natural repellant.  A lot of regular repellents contain chemicals that can harm your body, especially with regular use.  Natural repellants that are properly crafted can be highly effective without causing harm to your body.

Wear The Proper Clothing

When it comes to stopping mosquitos and other pests, what you wear can make a difference.  You are looking for long sleeve shirts and pants.  Shorts and t-shirts do not provide optimal protection.  You want the clothing to be loose but provide the proper coverage.

Most sporting goods stores and outfitters sell clothing specifically designed for activewear during the summer.  These clothes are lightweight but are heavily durable and flexible.  Some companies will even apply special coats to their clothes to deter mosquitos and other little fliers.

Mosquito Netting

It may be something that you have only seen in movies about foreign lands but mosquito netting can be quite effective.  Masking your bed with this thin netting can help prevent mosquito bites at night.  The netting prevents bugs from getting to you at night.  If the netting is properly set up, it can prevent almost 100% of bug problems.

Stay Cool

Mosquitos and other bugs are most attracted to hotter bodies.  By staying cool during the summer you will be a less attractive target than many other people.  Avoid excess exercise, cool down in cool environments, and otherwise make efforts to exude less heat.

3 Ways To Make A Mosquito Free Yard

Do you want a mosquito free yard? The best way to start the process is with mosquito treatment for yards. That can be complimented with these three tips though. Each one of these tips has been found by experts to help prevent mosquito problems in your yard.

Get Rid of Mosquito Lures

Many people try to get rid of mosquitos in their yard without even realizing that they are luring them in in the first place. One of the biggest things that will attract mosquitos to your yard is standing water. Make sure that you get rid of all sources of standing water. This may be tires left in bushes, broken cement areas that collect water, divots in the landscaping, or anything similar. The standing water is not just an attractant for mosquitos but also acts as a breeding ground.

Treating any standing water such as ponds or ornamental pools will help to prevent them from attracting insects.
Your outdoor lights can even attract bugs. They make specific lights that are designed to help prevent luring bugs to your yard. You can get them at home improvement stores.

Burn Pinion Wood

Do you like camp fires and want to get rid of mosquitos at the same time? You can burn Pinion wood in your fire place and the smoke that is produced will discourage mosquitos from coming near your house. While this method hasn’t been scientifically confirmed, but many people have successfully employed this method of getting rid of pests.

Grow Mosquito Deterring Plants

There are a variety of plants that can be used to repel mosquitos. This practice is commonly used in Africa and other warm parts of the world. The most common plants used for mosquito repellant have volatile oils and strong scents. The smell of the plants are used to mask the smell of humans.
Remember, that getting rid of mosquitos in your yard will significantly reduce the amount of bug bites that you get. The easiest way to start removing mosquitos is with mosquito yard treatments. They are the most effective mosquito removal tool out there.

What Are The Good Shopping Centers in Virginia Beach

Going to Virginia Beach is bound to be a wonderful trip but you will find yourself wanting to shop.  Virginia Beach shopping is fun and you have multiple options for shopping.  Let’s take a look at the shopping centers so you can get to Virginia Beach shopping.

Lynnhaven Mall

The Lynnhaven Mall is one of the GGP shopping malls.  It offers you a good variety of stores and food so that you can get what you need, or want.  From fashion to electronics, the Lynnhaven Mall has all of the popular stores.  Here are some examples:

  • Apple
  • Aeropostale
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Best Buy Mobile
  • Payless
  • Far East Trading Company

There are 132 locations listed on the Lynnhaven Mall directory.  That includes an AMC theatre in case you want to see a movie while you are in Virginia Beach.

Pembroke Mall

Across from Town Center in Virginia Beach sits Pembroke Mall.  The mall has over 50 stores and is conveniently located so that you access it no matter where you are staying or living.  Find shopping locations, service stores, and food.  The options are plenty but here are a few samples:

  • REI
  • Target
  • Designer Shoe Warehouse
  • Hot Topic
  • Walgreens
  • T-Shirt Kingdom

The mall is designed to be easy to navigate in the center of the parking lot.  Some of the stores are on the fringes of the parking lot, such as Walgreens, to make a quick stop easier.

Hilltop Shops and Hilltop Shopping Center

Between the shops and shopping center, there are plenty of places to shop or eat at Hilltop Shops.  Over 120 to give you an idea.  The mall is located only blocks away from the Virginia Beach Expressway.  Both locations feature food options, service options, shopping options, and other places to spend time.

  • The YMCA
  • Hallmark Cards
  • Office Depot/Office Max
  • The Melting Pot
  • Gamestop
  • California Closets

Both the shops and the shopping center are located right next to each other so that you can easily get from one to the other.  The mall has even won awards.

Ways to Build a Positive Company Culture

Culture in the workplace is changing. In order for a business to achieve top results, they need to be able to motivate their employees to do their best work. Intelligent employees with lots of potentials can be easily stifled by a bad company culture. As more and more Millennials flood the workplace, it is becoming increasingly important to place priority on creating a positive environment. Building a strong culture within a company is a relatively simple way to inspire teamwork and boost morale. Here a few tips to get the ball rolling:

Establish Mutual Respect

First off, it is very important to establish that respect is a two-way road within a company. Ideas and input need to be met with open-mindedness regardless of employee rank. When employees feel their opinions and ideas do not matter or are being undermined due to ego, innovation and critical thinking through teamwork will suffer. This is critical in laying the foundation for a strong company culture and encouraging professional growth.

Keep Leadership Strong

Leaders play a key role in creating the culture within a company. Having a strong leader whom employees respect is crucial for success. They have a duty to set the tone for behavior in the workplace in which the team will emulate. There are many qualities that define a good leader. Perhaps the most important is the ability to drive effective communication. Good communication builds trust within the culture and having a leader that demonstrates this will keep everyone on the same page.


Make People a Priority

The feeling of being overworked and stressed does not do anyone any favors. It will eventually turn into poor productivity and loss of passion. In order to maintain good morale, especially with young professionals, employees need to feel like they are not constantly working and missing out on life’s precious moments. Although work obviously still needs to get done, newer companies are changing their paid time off policies and being more open to employees working remotely while placing value on productivity instead of hours. Employees tend to do their best work when they feel their company truly values the well-being of their workers.

Hold Activities for Employees to Bond

Younger employees that fall into the digital native category have a constant desire to be connected. The best results in a team setting come from good comradery and rapport. Finding times outside of work for employees to bond is a great way to bring the company closer together away from the stress of the workplace. Having company sponsored vacations or happy hours is a good opportunity for employees to get to know each other on a more personal level and build a strong dynamic.

Be Positive!

Regardless of what is going outside of work, it is important to enter the office every day with an upbeat attitude. Bad vibes are highly contagious and can lead to a toxic work environment. Maintaining a positive outlook is the best way to keep a strong company culture from collapsing. Good energy will spread and lead to the best results.

A strong company culture will keep employees around doing their best work with increasing productively. Identify company visions and find the best way for both the business and the employees to get there. When the work environment is awesome, everyone wins.